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Diagnostic Care

In the event that anything about your pet’s condition seems atypical, it’s usually best to bring him or her in for a visit with one of our veterinarians. The challenge in diagnosing pets is that they cannot tell us how they are feeling. It takes special medical tools to reach an accurate diagnosis so that your pet can be treated safely and effectively. At AniMed Animal Hospital, our veterinarians utilize modern diagnostic technology to pinpoint the source of your pet’s symptoms quickly and accurately. Once we have diagnosed a condition, we can get started on the proper treatment right away, so that your pet will be feeling his or her best as soon as possible.

In-House Laboratory Tests

Our facility is equipped with an on-site laboratory, allowing us to process test results immediately. Whereas other veterinarians send samples to independent laboratories for analysis, we can perform a variety of tests on-site, with precise results. The earlier your veterinarian receives your pet’s results, the earlier he or she can get started on your pet’s treatment, increasing the chance of a full and speedy recovery.

Radiography & Ultrasound

Radiography (x-ray) and ultrasound are important diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians use radiography to examine the bones and visualize internal organs, as well as identify foreign bodies – this is especially useful if your pet eats something indigestible! We also use dental radiography to identify underlying gum disease and broken teeth to determine when tooth extractions are necessary.  

Ultrasound provides an even more detailed image of the internal organs, allowing our veterinarians to assess the health of the heart, bladder, kidneys, and liver and detect cysts and tumors. Ultrasound is also used to monitor pregnancies. Our veterinarians use a combination of radiography and ultrasound in order to diagnose medical conditions with the greatest accuracy.


An electrocardiogram test records the electric pulses of the heart and is recommended when an abnormal heart rhythm is suspected. The test is completely painless and non-invasive, making it a helpful technique for assessing the heart. We often combine ECG with chest x-rays or an ultrasound of the heart to form a complete picture of the cardiovascular health.

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