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Veterinary Services in Blue Springs

At AniMed Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the highest quality veterinary care to Blue Springs, MO and the surrounding communities. We invite you to click on the service below that you are most interested in learning about to find out more about what we offer your pet.



Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness care is your pet’s maintenance, ensuring that they remain healthy throughout their lives. We recommend annual wellness visits for all pets, and biannual visits for senior pets because they are more prone to developing health conditions that need medical attention. We provide veterinary care for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets. During your pet’s annual or biannual physical, we will discuss their health condition, perform needed vaccinations, conduct fecal parasite checks and deworming, perform heartworm tests and ensure your pet is using all preventatives, conduct FELV/FIV tests for cats, and more. We are equipped to provide more extensive diagnostics, if recommended by your veterinarian.

Do you need a health certificate and microchip for pets who will be traveling? We can provide that as well.

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Pet Dentistry

Pet dentistry is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s overall health. We check all pets’ oral cavities during their complete physical exams, recommending professional dental cleanings if needed. A professional dental cleaning is conducted under anesthesia with complete surgical monitoring, and includes prophylaxis, scaling, polishing, and extractions, if required. We also recommend at-home dental care to help your pet’s teeth stay clean and healthy between visits.

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Pet Surgery

When we perform veterinary surgery at AniMed Animal Hospital, we use complete surgical monitoring to ensure that your pet is as safe as possible. A Licensed Veterinary Technician is assigned to monitoring your pet throughout the entire procedure. We also utilize water warmers to maintain your pet’s body temperature through the procedure. Our patients routinely receive IV catheters and fluids for dentals, tumor removals, and any other complicated surgery. Some of the surgeries we perform include:

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Pet Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a scientifically based neuromodulation treatment. This means that certain nerves and nerve pathways are targeted with acupuncture needles that stimulate the nerves to cause physiologic changes, increases in circulation and improves lymphatic flow . In simple terms acupuncture is a nerve based treatment that helps the body heal much like medications do except it uses the body’s own hormones and chemicals through nerve stimulation to change and heal itself.

What is involved in an acupuncture treatment? Treatments can vary based on the patient and the patient’s problem, but most treatments take 20-30 minutes and start with a full muscular/fascial examination. Then small, thin acupuncture needles are placed in the areas of need based on examination findings. Needle stimulation should cause very little pain although some animals may have sensitive areas and may experience a very brief prick of pain when needle is inserted. Needles will stay in for 5-20 minutes. Sometimes e-stim or electrical acupuncture stimulation will be performed. Electroacupunture is used to provide an increase in neuromodulation, to provide increased analgesia (pain relief) and increased release of endorphins.

Medical acupuncture can be helpful in treating many different conditions and diseases such as arthritis, nerve pain, back and neck pain, paresis or paralysis, ligament tears, cancer pain, lick granulomas, gastrointestinal disorders, incontinence, asthma, immune disorders, seizures, heart arrhythmias, skin disorders and much more. Dr Charity Vuagniaux is trained in medical acupuncture for dogs, cats and small exotics. She received her training through One Health Sim in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Please call to make a consultation appointment.

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Radiography is a very important diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine. We use radiography to visualize internal organs as well as to identify foreign bodies. (This is especially useful if your pet ate something indigestible, such as one of their toys.) We also use dental radiography to identify underlying gum disease or broken teeth to determine if tooth extractions are needed. The technology we have available to us also permits us to perform ECG/EKG to check your pet’s heart.

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Pet Vaccinations

We provide vaccinations for pets of all ages at AniMed Animal Hospital. Vaccines are especially important to puppies and kittens, helping them to establish immunity from diseases early. We provide vaccinations for dogs, cats, ferrets, and birds.

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Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine care at AniMed Animal Hospital provides diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention of disease. Some conditions we are able to treat include:

We are also able to provide hospitalization services and intravenous fluid treatment, as required by the case and individual patient.

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Small Exotic Pet Medicine and Pet Surgery

We provide medical care for a number of exotics. Some of the pets we have cared for at our hospital include:

Are you wondering whether we provide care for your exotic pet? Contact us and see!

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In-House Laboratory Tests

At AniMed Animal Hospital, we have an in-house laboratory that enables us to process test results quickly and efficiently.

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Pet Boarding

We have individual runs and cages for our boarding guests at AniMed Animal Hospital. Our verinary hospital boards dogs, cats, and exotic pets, and you do not have to be our patient to stay with us. Please contact our team for more information about pet boarding, and we’ll be happy to help!

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Pet Grooming

We provide professional cat and dog grooming services at AniMed Animal Hospital. Our excellent pet groomer, Carlene, is able to perform all of your pet grooming needs, from cuts and baths, to blow-outs and nail trims. If you are interested in scheduling a grooming appointment for your pet, please contact our team today.

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